The 3 video Life Changer

In this course you will learn the fundamentals to enable you to reach any goal, without burning out.

If you have the desire to become more, get healthier, more productive, happier but struggle to gain momentum and see lasting results, here's the course for you.
3 videos to teach you the fundamentals of making progress in any area of your life by enhancing your physical, mental health and output.
They are also downloadable as mp3 files and/or as transcripts (check below the videos).

This course is for you if you are busy and do not have hours to spend on a course but:

  • You want to build good habits but struggle with consistency
  • You have tried different tips but struggle to connect the dots
  • You are after a framework that makes sense rather than cherry picked ideas.

Make decisive steps toward your goals today!

Intended Audience: students, professionals, entrepreneurs, employees, Creatives

Taking Care of Your Body
Taking Care of Your mind
Managing Your Output
Recap and addendum

What's included

  • 5 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Ruddy Fiano


Founder of and Rethink Academy

A personal development lover who has tried and tested ideas for the last decade and finally found a framework that works. 

Using this framework, he has been able to increase his productivity dramatically, his physical strength and fitness.

Using his framework, he has been able to exceed doing 100 consecutive push ups regularly, after being stuck at  45 push ups  for years. He has been able to become an early riser, has been able to pursue several interests (blogging, vlogging, dancing, fitness, entrepreneurship, music creation, photography, charity works) without a team. 

All of this despite having a very laid back and chilled temperament.